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Dec 10, 2012 8:30pm EST
by republicans in ohio. immediately after that, the democrats and the obama for america campaign filed petitions to put it up to a referendum. they got enough petitions come and then eventually the legislature repealed it at my suggestion because it was becoming too -- the rhetoric was heated and we needed to start over and avoided the cost of the referendum. that's what happened during the course of the battle trying to find the balance between access and accuracy in balancing that reform and a high of. we had no reform, the damage was done. a set of the partisan feelings that continued through 2012 and even spawned if there was one moment of bipartisan agreement we did pass in the military voter bill during that process it had an amendment to shut down the early voting during the saturday, sunday and monday before the election so that the board of elections would have time to accommodate all of the early votes since the expected to do cash. they passed on a unanimous basis, and eventually it blew up and became the first of the eight federal lawsuits in ohio said even the moments of bipartisan
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
. no laughter meant no. [laughter] >> now, it looks like the tide is very much going against republicans. do you agree with that? >> well, no. i think in the short political term, yes. polling shows republicans will be blamed. remember, this is the obama era. it's going to go down as his economy. i ask people who was speaker of the house during the great depression when roosevelt was president. i'll give a hundred dollars to anyone who can name who the speaker of the house was in the critical first hundred days -- >> jim over there would know. >> henry thomas reigny. now, there's a name in the history books. point being, the speaker is an important player, this is significant, but it is obama's job to lead and define so if there's negative consequences here, particularly in the economy, it's going to be in the obama era, things didn't get fixed. who is it? the australian finance minister who says the united states is one budget deal away from being a great country. there's a lot of people in business who think we are poised to do some really good things in the global economy, the united states i
Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
. senator? >> thank you. we do represent a broad range of views within the senate. the republican caucus, democratic caucus, but there's a unanimous view here today that we support president obama in announcing a red line that should bashar al assad who have murdered tens of thousands of people in the last two years k take the unthink l step -- two years, take the unthinkable step of using these weapons against his people, that there will be prompt consequences. i join this statement today to send a clear message to those from outside the halls of the capital and watch us and see divisions on policy matters, but on the matter of standing behind the president with a statement of principles that we will not stand by as assad uses weapons of mass direction against his people, something we're in a unanimous voice is, i think, the only way to effectively detour, that we can effectively call on the russians to be responsible partners, be accountable to have gotten us to this point and say we are deeply concerned about the crisis in syria and the region. this grinding, process led to a rush of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3